Hebrew language reading group

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refreshing your hebrew language reading skills with amy chase

MEETS WEEKLY | 8 sessions

Wednesdays 12pm PT

July 7 - August 25

If you’ve taken biblical languages, you may lament the loss of your skills over time, knowing how they aid in preaching, teaching, and personal devotion. As one biblical scholar has written, “There is scarcely anything more important to the health and welfare of the Christian church than a firm grasp of the message embedded in the Holy Scriptures. This message comes to us wrapped, like the Holy Infant, in the swaddling clothes of history, language and culture. We need an ever-renewed army of preachers and teachers, dedicated exegetes, to help us unwrap that message” (Erickson). This drop-in reading group aims to strengthen this cadre through low-key, low-pressure reading, translation, and discussion of easy Hebrew texts. We will review pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar, introducing resources and practices that can continue to benefit your Bible engagement beyond the length of this session.

The cost of these sessions are supported by a generous donor and therefore is free.


We ask that you commit to all or as many of the sessions as possible.


Deadline to submit registration forms is June 27, 2021. 
Confirmation of registration will be emailed on June 30, 2021.



Amy Chase

Dr. Chase joined the faculty of Carey Theological College in August 2020, having previously taught Bible courses at Drew University and Seton Hall University, both located in New Jersey, USA. Amy earned her Ph.D. from Drew University, analyzing Proverbs 31 from a socio-narratological perspective. She specializes in the Old Testament, especially its wisdom literature and narratives. She is also interested in theories of interpretation, including communal approaches.